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Rules for applying:

{1} You must be 15 years or older. We are looking for mature people.

{2} An amount of 5 pics is required in your application. We want to see how beautiful you are! :]

{3} For your application and pictures, we require an LJ-cut. If not, you will not be accepted and will

have to re-apply in a week. An lj cut can be made by doing this: <*lj-cut text="put text here" But make sure to remove the asterisks.

{4} You cannot post anything but your app until you are accepted. Meaning, no posting or voting in other

people's apps.

{5} We are definitely plus-size friendly.. we will not judge someone based on that.

{6} When you join, you have 48 hours (2 days) to post your app, or you will be removed.

{7} Voting will run 2 days long. Once those 2 days are up, we will comment on your app with the

acceptance or rejection banner.

{8} If you are rejected, you can re-apply in a week. However, you can only re-apply twice.

{9} So I can see if you are reading the rules, when you post the app, make the title "I am amazing."

{10} Please don't cause drama with the mods and staff. We have our reasons for something.

{11} If you don't like the idea of getting more No's than Yes's, please don't apply.

{12} When you post your app, please make it friends-only so no other non-members can cause unwanted


Rules for Stampers:

{1} Only stamped members may vote on others, and can only promote twice a week.

{2} When you vote, make the comment title either a Yes, No, or Undecided.

{3} Once we get to counting up the votes, and someone is still undecided, we will count it as a no. So

please make sure to correct before we count them up!

{4} Feel free to post about other things if you are stamped. If posting pics, please put them behind an

lj-cut as well.

{5} If you feel like you cannot stay in the community, please comment in the leaving post saying so.

{6} Stamped members are allowed to be honest, but please don't be too rude. We aren't thrashing on


{7} Please.. no inappropriate adult-content in your pics.. we do have underage members.

{8} You're NOT allowed to judge the applicants based on their size, gender, race, or sexual orientation.

This is discrimination, if such is done, I'll ban you and report you to lj_abuse. Sorry if it seems

rude, but I hate discrimination.

{9} You must judge the applicant on -both- personality and looks.

Promote us:


Get applying! :)