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I am so Amazing

~ Basics ~
[1] Name:Grace Champion
[2] Age:15.. almost 16
[3] Location: Fl
[4] Sexuality:Heterosexual
[5] Boyfriend/girlfriend & if yes, post a picture:working on this one;)
[6] What do you like about yourself most: my eyes
[7] Post a funny picture of yourself:
Image hosted by
[8] Tell us about yourself: I love to hhave fun but theres always a line when the fun has to stop and needs to be serious and most of the time i know when and where that line is.. I love the drama dept at school.. i make costumes and am a stage manager.. run track/crosscountry on student counsel etc
[9] What's the stupidest thing you've ever done? Date most of my Ex's..
[10] Tell us about your role model, include a pic if possible: My mother. She has been through so much emotionally in her life time.. and she's been a single parent and riased 3 kids and i'd kill to end up 1/2 of the person she is.
[11] Six favorite movies: Pearl harbor the notebook the passion of the christ
[12] Five favorite bands/music artists:umm.. i dont really have ne favorites.. I listen to country mostly
[13] Four favorite books: Left behind series ( there are 12 of them )
[14] Three Favorite store:Express AE Victorias secret
[15] Two Best TV shows:law and order SVU; Judging Amy
[16] Favoritee Actors/Actresses:-
[17] 5 random things about you:
1. I LOVE ben -n- jerrys ice cream
2. I'd kill to own a horse
3. I'm allergic to dial soap
4. I'm 5'8"
5. I have a nextel.

~ Opinion ~

[1] Eating Disorders: An eating disorder is not a choice, it's a disease. People don't just choose to have them. Being someone who's suffered from one I understand what the girls go thru. These girls (and sometimes boys) go to hell and back trying to survive with an eating disorder. And the recovery isn't any easier.
[2] Definition of beauty: Beauty lies on the inside. How peole view themselves and how they present them selves all together. Sure people can have beautiful physical attributes, but with a bad attitude they lose that beauty real fast.
[3] List your priorities in life in order: 1. God 2. Family 3. School/friends 4.Helping the community
[4] Abortion: I feel abortion is wrong unless a woman was raped or some how b/c pregnant not willingly.. I mean if u think you old enough to have sex, you shuld also be old enough to assume the responsibility of having a child.
[5] Explain your username: I made this username when my life was in pieces, my brother (who was like my everything.) moved away to live with my dad, high school had just started, my b/f dumped me my other brother was in the emergency room for 2 weeks..and life was not going as I had planned I had SO many emotions inside of me I didnt know what to do with them.. i literally had TOO MANY EMOTIONS..and i needed a way to get them all out.

~ Pictures and Promotion ~

[1] Post 5 or more clear pictures (try to include a variation of photographs):
[2] Promote us to 1 other person and in 1 community, please provide a link here:
[3] How did you find us?what_a_knockout

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